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Mexico: Organised Crime & Corruption

In Mexico, Minerva staff worked with a European consumer products company to combat the influence of organised crime syndicates within its manufacturing facility and rebuild its local and national SLO.

Aware that relations between the company and the local community had deteriorated, Minerva staff engaged discreetly and diplomatically within the nearby shanty towns, amongst employees and with local officials and civil society representatives. This uncovered information about illegal employment and wage-skimming practices at the factory, which was driving widespread resentment and disloyalty amongst workers. Some workers were retaliating and seeking financial compensation by co-operating with, or ignoring the activities of, organised crime syndicates, which sought to infiltrate the factory in order to exploit the company’s supply and product chains for trafficking and other criminal purposes.

The investigation revealed several dysfunctional corporate systems, processes and controls, besides identifying key corrupt individuals. It enabled the company to take steps to address the various systemic weaknesses, thereby restoring the integrity of its operations, enhancing its local and national SLO and protecting its global reputation.