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Rob is Minerva SRM’s Managing Director. He brings to the team leadership, management and problem-solving skills gained over sixteen years of exemplary service in the British Army. His wide experience of operations and programme management is complemented by his critical thinking and ability to communicate cross-culturally at all levels.

While a British Army officer, Rob commanded his company on deployment in Afghanistan and Kenya. In Helmand province, Afghanistan, he pioneered a successful approach to mentoring and training an Afghan National Army battalion engaged in regular combat operations. Later, as part of the political-military transition team at NATO HQ in Kabul, his information management skills and good communication with Afghan and coalition hierarchies helped shape the success of transition to Afghan government control.

Rob’s UK-based assignments include managing the MoD’s counter-narcotics research unit to inform strategic, operational and tactical decision-making; and later overseeing the re-development of the British Army’s counterinsurgency concept and doctrine, drawing on lessons learnt in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since the conclusion of his Army service, Rob has been retained as a civilian expert by the British Government’s Stabilisation Unit, owing to his strong technical skills, dynamic approach to problem-solving and ability to deliver results in conflict-affected situations.  He is also an advisor to Human Rights at Sea, an NGO providing independent Research, Investigation and Advocacy for Maritime Human Rights.

Rob holds a Masters degree in Social and Global Justice, a Certificate in Conflict Resolution, a Diploma in Management. He received the US Meritorious Service Medal for his work in Afghanistan.