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We understand what it takes to create trust that thrives and helps to shape needs at the political as well as the commercial operational levels. It takes sensitive analysis of the needs, of the culture, of the people and the challenges they face, identifying the causes of conflict and discontent and helping the community to overcome those problems. This is at the core of our philosophy toward outreach to communities and tribes; a crafted approach of:

We have 20 years of experience in conflict and fragile states where the need to gain tribal and community trust is a political and conflict dynamic requirement. Tribal leaders need more than just words, their reputations are at risk if they make the wrong decisions. Any outreach requires a level of investment, but the output is repaid many times over by having the tribe or community as a willing and long-term partner in strategic activities. Our clients become established as part of the community and we ensure that the relationship develops between client and host community.