Clients working with Minerva SRM can expect to build and sustain a trusted relationship with affected stakeholders and thereby gain a robust social licence to operate.

This in turn enables clients to materialise significant commercial benefits, both directly through their own corporate- and project-level business operations, and indirectly through the social environment they help shape. The potential commercial benefits might include:

  • Corporate: increased focus on core business resulting from reduced need to respond to unexpected events and crises; greater predictability of planning resulting from greater resilience of company-stakeholder relations; stronger business cases for new projects; enhanced relations with host governments.
  • Operations: improved productivity resulting from higher employee satisfaction, lower absenteeism, fewer lost-time incidents and shutdowns; greater reliability of supply chain resulting from benign local environment; increased impact of projects designed to enable core business.
  • Finance: increased resilience and stability of share price resulting from more reliable revenue; enhanced ability to raise capital resulting from more predictable operational outcomes; lower insurance costs resulting from reduced operational risks.
  • Human Resources: better staff recruitment, morale, commitment and retention resulting from more benign operating environment and better company-stakeholder relations.
  • Legal: lower legal costs resulting from less contentious operations.
  • Security: lower security costs resulting from lower probability of threats to operations, personnel and property.