Mitigating Threats, Creating Opportunities

/Mitigating Threats, Creating Opportunities
Mitigating Threats, Creating Opportunities2018-08-10T15:25:21+00:00

Most companies now recognise a range of potential threats to their operations arising from human sources. These include threats from company insiders (from petty theft and fraud to workplace violence and sabotage) or outsiders (from protests and product theft to kidnapping and terrorism).

Many companies also understand that corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy has a role to play in mitigating some of the threats associated with human factors. Minerva SRM works with clients to capitalise on this nexus, with the aim of delivering the best balance between investment and residual threat.

At Minerva SRM, we believe that a good CSR strategy can go a step further. By enabling clients to seize or build social opportunities that others overlook or cannot effectively develop, we aim to empower clients to generate tangible performance gains, not only compared to previous years, but also compared to competitors.