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Minerva SRM solutions are always context-specific, evidence-based, grounded in experience and focused on client goals.

Our operations typically comprise four phases. Where clients already have adequate in-house expertise to address one or more of these phases, we adapt to client needs.



    We assess the local, sub-national and wider socio-political contexts of our clients’ proposed or existing operations.
  • Our Social Risk Assessments are designed to identify both threats and opportunities arising from human factors.
  • We develop a detailed understanding of our client’s strategic goals, operational objectives and preferred practices.
    We propose strategy options to enable our clients to interact with the network of stakeholders in a commercially effective and socially responsible manner.
  • Our strategy recommendations are designed to support our client’s planning process through integrating social risk management into corporate operational plans at appropriate levels.
  • Our strategy formulation process includes adapting various internationally recognised CSR benchmarks to the specific objectives and circumstances of client operations.
    We provide expert staff to assist our clients deliver community engagement strategy and manage interaction with the network of stakeholders.
  • Our staff’s collective expertise in community engagement, stabilising fragile socio-political situations and conflict transformation enables us to build and sustain trusted relationships between clients and local communities.
    We continually monitor, through our early warning system EWARN, the socio-political contexts affecting and affected by client operations and adjust strategy recommendations and implementation accordingly.
  • Our operational flexibility enables us to deliver continuity or paced transitions in client-community relationships, as well as varying capabilities attuned to project needs over time, freeing senior management to concentrate on core business.